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General Disinfection - Keeping San Francisco Safe

Our general disinfection service will take care of your whole facility, but we'll pay extra attention to high-traffic areas.

“First, I want to say I'm blown away by this company. I reached out on yelp looking for someone to do a move out cleaning on a specific day at a specific time. I was selling my house and wanted the new owners to have it cleaned. The company replied with a detailed outline of services AND they guaranted their work. They were more affordable than the majority of places I spoke with...”
Amber B.
“Exceeded my expectations. Merlyn was very responsive through-out the pre-booking and booking process. I was running a bit later than the given arrival window and they still were able to accommodate me. The cleaners did a fabulous job, and I defiantly will refer and use them again! Thanks guys!”
Jendayi S.
“I hired Always Clean for my home move out. Booking with them was very easy and the communication was constant throughout the process. The 2 cleaners arrived on time and did an excellent job. The job they did for that price was a steal and I will definitely use them again.”
Anthony A.

Top Priorities

✓ Electrostatic spray all places with an EPA-registered household disinfectant and virus remover

✓ Vacuum and clean all floors and surfaces.

✓ Clean all surfaces and touchpoints using soap and water or with cleaners appropriate for use on these surfaces

✓ Wipe or spray 70% alcohol based solution on electronic surfaces like screens, telephones, and keyboards

✓ Dry surfaces thoroughly to avoid pooling of liquids

Electrostatic Spraying

All of our disinfection services utilize electrostatic spraying of EPA-registered disinfectants and virus removers. This helps us make your space the cleanest and safest in San Francisco.

Save up to 20% working with us

Other Tasks

Electrostatic spraying isn't all this service includes. We'll also clean floors, surfaces, and touchpoints and use alcohol based cleaners on all electronic surfaces.

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